Let’s End Street Homelessness Now

Street Homelessness affects  our entire community. By bringing local people together to find new solutions for people sleeping on the streets of Torbay, we will end the cycle of homelessness.

We are part of a Europe-wide initiative to end street homelessness once and for all.

Can you help to end chronic street homelessness in Torbay?

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About the campaign

TESH aims to work together with the community, local businesses, voluntary and faith groups and statutory organisations across Torbay to bring an end to rough sleeping in the area.

You’ve noticed, and been concerned by, the rising number of people sleeping on the streets of our town. This is happening throughout the UK and Europe, and the campaign has been set up so that we can work together to find and deliver ways of helping people, and prevent the increasing and needless number of deaths on our streets.

It needs to be addressed quickly as this affects us all. We want to get people into accommodation and support them to live there so that they don’t return to the streets.

Where we would like your help is the time you are able to offer. Would you be able to come out with members of the outreach teams to talk with people? We need to know what’s happened to them, and what they think would be the best way of supporting them to come off the streets.

The European End Street Homelessness Campaign is a movement of cities that are working together to permanently house Europe’s most vulnerable people and end chronic street homelessness by 2020.  It was set up because the time has come to stop managing homelessness and start ending it.

To do this the Campaign is creating a greater awareness of homelessness, the people around us who are affected, and what can be done about it; and finding and delivering better, quicker ways to help people off the streets.

The Campaign is coordinated by a group of local organisations and individuals working together to find solutions to street homelessness.

The Campaign is co-ordinated by the Building and Social Housing Federation.

Local partners include: Torbay Council, Shekinah, Westward, Friends of Factory Row, Torbay Street Pastors, PATH, Torbay Recovery Information Project, The Haven







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